Special Update to Weaver II – Version 2.2

Weaver II Version 2.2 is a special update to Weaver II. If you are using the latest Weaver II Theme Extras plugin, you should be able to update to the latest Version 2.2 (or later) automatically using the standard WordPress theme update process. Since your WordPress site only checks for updates periodically, the update available notice may not display immediately. Try using the Dashboard:Updates menu from the admin screen.

You can also do a manual update using the following simple, one-time manual update process. To manually  update to Weaver II Version 2.2 manually, please follow these steps (remember, you should also be able to use the automatic:

  1. Install the Weaver II Theme Extras plugin from if you have not yet done so.
  2. Click this: Download Weaver II 2.2 to download the Weaver II Version 2.2 .zip file to your own computer. (Safari users must right-click the link!)
  3. For extra safety, you might want to use the Save/Restore Current Theme Settings using Your Computer option on the Weaver II Save/Restore tab to get an archival copy of your settings, but none of your settings will be changed by the update process.
  4.  Open the Weaver II Save/Restore tab. Assuming you have installed and activated the Weaver II Theme Extras plugin, you will find the *** Update Weaver II theme from .zip file on your computer. *** section near the bottom of the tab. In the Choose File area, select the file you downloaded in step 2. Then click the Update Weaver II button. You should now be updated to Weaver II 2.2.
  5. In the future, you will receive automatic theme update notices for Weaver II using the normal theme/plugin update process.

Weaver II Pro Version 2.2 Update

There is also a new version of Weaver II Pro – 2.2. Use the normal update process for updating Weaver II Pro by logging in to the Weaver II Pro site.

What’s Going On With Weaver II???

You might wonder what the deal is with this special Weaver II update. The answer is a bit multi-faceted. Here’s the scoop:

  • has recently changed some requirements for themes. The relevant change is requiring themes to have ALL strings in a special translatable format. Weaver II has supported translation for the User View for a long time, but its Admin View has not been translatable – there are literally thousands of strings that would require conversion to the special translatable format, and this is just not feasible for us to do. The result is that is no longer allowing themes that don’t meet this new requirement to be updated in the theme repository. So the old Version 2.1.12 is the last version that will ever be there. From Weaver II 2.2 onward, we have added support for automatic updates from our own servers, so if you used this one-time manual process, you won’t need to repeat it, and you will now get update notices just as you used to.
  • Weaver XtremeWeaver Xtreme is our latest and best theme ever, and is replacing Weaver II.
  • Frankly, Weaver II is no longer the cutting edge, modern theme it was at its introduction several years ago. Due to its evolution over the years, it has reached a point that it is just not the best idea to try to modernize it and add new features. Thus, we’ve done a complete rewrite, and developed a brand new, state-of-the-art modern theme called Weaver Xtreme. We will continue to support Weaver II and Weaver II Pro with bug, security, and WordPress version updates, but there will be no new features added. We highly recommend that anyone developing a new site use Weaver Xtreme instead. Read this FAQ for a summary of Weaver II vs. Weaver Xtreme.