One of the problems for Weaver II users contemplating switching to Weaver Xtreme is the fact that Weaver Xtreme is a much different theme. The options are quite different – and far more flexible. Many of the classes have different names. The underlying HTML <div> layout is different. Per Page and Per Post settings are not compatible. Using Weaver II shortcodes also presents problems.

Well, we’ve provided a total solution that covers 90% or more of converting a Weaver II to a Weaver Xtreme site. There are two new free plugins available on the plugin repository:

  1. Weaver II to Weaver Xtreme – This plugin converts most Weaver II settings (and depending on your design, all of them) to use equivalent Weaver Xtreme options. And it produces a report showing settings that require manual conversion due to the differences between the themes, or that simply don’t have an equivalent. The converter will also convert the compatible Per Page and Per Post options. Best of all, these conversions are non-destructive – you can easily revert to the old Weaver II design as needed. The converted site won’t look exactly like the old Weaver II site, but the settings take advantage of Weaver Xtremes new features, and so you’ll be able to enhance your site without needing to compensate for the conversion process itself. This converter will also convert most Weaver II Pro settings.
  2. Weaver Themes Shortcode Compatibility – While converting the settings covers most of the upgrade process, if the Weaver II site uses many [weaver_xxxx] shortcodes, the process could require even more effort to find all the pages and posts using the shortcodes. The Weaver Themes Shortcode Compatibility plugin solves this by providing support for the basic Weaver II shortcodes. This plugin allows you to switch to Weaver Xtreme without this hunt and fix process. And it will work with any WP theme if you need to switch to a completely new theme. It will do the same for the basic Weaver Xtreme shortcodes – you can use them with any WP theme. This plugin does not support Weaver II Pro shortcodes, however. That support will be included with the next release of Weaver Xtreme Plus.
    Note: If you prefer, you can manually convert most Weaver II shortcodea to equivalent Weaver Xtreme shortcodea manually – directly in the posts and pages that use them. If you don’t use that many, this might be preferable to using another plugin.


For a complete tutorial for converting from Weaver II to Weaver Xtreme, please click here.

Click on the above links to download the plugins directly from the plugin repository.

Using Aspen? See Aspen to Weaver Xtreme Converter

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