Weaver Show Sliders

show-sliders-pro-400x286See the Weaver Show Sliders Plugin in Action

• Create Slider Definitions
You can define as many different Sliders as you need. You can save and transfer slider definitions.
• Three Different Kinds of Sliders
Create single image faders or sliders, and rolling carousels.
• Show images, videos, even posts.
You aren’t limited to slider content – you can even include posts in sliders.
• Flexible Navigation options
Navigation dots, index pages, or scrolling thumbnails.
• Show title, caption, descriptions
Flexible choice and placement of image textual information.
• Full control over specifying slides
You can use the WordPress gallery tool, or specify images singly .

• Specify General Slider Layout

Options affecting general layout of sliders
Slider WidthWidth and position of slider container

• Slider Width – Percent of enclosing container slider will use. (Defalut:100%)
• Position of slider if width specified

Slider Height

• Allow height of the slider shrink and grow to match slide height.

Thumbnail PagersAttributes of thumbnail pager. (Do not apply to Carousels.)

• Slider Thumbnail Area Width – Percent of main slider width Thumbnail Slider uses.
• Number of pager thumbnails (Default: Thumbnails – 5 per row; Sliding Thumbnails – 6)
• Border around Thumbnail and Sliding Thumbnails pager images. (Transparent, so it will match slider bg color. Default:none)
• Move Sliding Thumbnail pager above main slider
• Don’t dim thumbnails for non-current image.
• Use Featured Image only for Thumbnails (when FI is defined). Featured Image will not be used for slider main image.

• Video
Options sliders with video

• Slider contains Video – adds additional support for Video slides, including responsive sizing.

• Image Slider Layout
Options affecting layout of image sliders
Image Height and WidthMake images fill the slider, control height

• Force images to use full width of slider. (Make small images fit the slider.)
• Maximum Height of Image. Useful to control height when full width set.

Visual Styling

• Add “photo” border around images.

Title and Caption OverlayChange the visual impact

• Overlay title over top of image (when Show Title also checked).
• Overlay caption over bottom of image (when Show Caption also checked).

• Post Slider Layout
Options affecting layout of post sliders

• Maximum Hieght for Post Slides. Will automatically add scroll bar for taller posts.

• Carousel Options:
Options to configure carousel slider

• Reverse the animation direction
• Minimum number of visible carousel items. (Default: 4)
• Maxmimum number of visible carousel items. (Default: 4)
• Width of individual carousel items.
• Number of carousel items that should move on animation.

• Timing and Order:
Options for animation timing

• Randomize slide order
• The slide that the slider should start on.
• Set the speed of the slideshow cycling, in milliseconds (Default: 5000ms = 5 seconds)
• Set the speed of animations, in milliseconds (Default: 600ms)
• Set an initialization delay, in milliseconds (Default: 0)

• Other Options:
Other Options less commonly used.
NavigationOptions to enhance navigation

• Don’t pause slide show when user hovers over slider.
• Don’t pause slide show when user clicks a Slider control. Not recommended.
• Allows slider navigating via mousewheel. Is a non-conventional navigation method.

Visual Effects

• Easing Methods for Fader
• Use Vertical sliding for single-image Slider Type (not Fader or Carousel).
• Show “Loading” spinner – if you have slide shows that take extra time to load