The Weaver Show Posts plugin may be the ultimate plugin that allows you to display any posts you specify anywhere in your site that supports shortcodes. Features unique to Weaver Show Posts include:

  • Form-based Admin page that lets you interactively and intuitively select exactly which posts you want to display. You can select posts by: name, category, tag, date, number to show, and more, including custom post types and taxonomies.
  • Native Theme display of posts. For many themes, the posts you display with [show_posts] will be displayed using the theme’s native styling and layout. (This depends if the theme uses a specific WordPress post display standard – more than half of WP themes do.)
  • Customizable Built-in Post Display. And, of course, the plugin has its own function to display posts that can be custom styled using the included Custom CSS styling section. The built-in function includes several options on customizing the content included in the post display. For example, you an easily create a list of only the titles of your posts – a perfect table of contents.
  • Supports shortcodes for the Text Widget.
  • Define named filters to specify different selection criteria for as many instances of [show_posts] that you need.
  • Easy “Add [show_posts]” button on the Page/Post editor.
  • Extensive Documentation – The plugin includes a complete help file explaining all the plugin’s options.
  • Standard WordPress WP_Query argument support for advanced users, allows most WP_Query arguments for nearly total control of the post selection filters.
  • Companion Show Sliders Plugin – The Weaver Show Sliders plugin leverages the post selection power of Show Posts to provide one of the best responsive Slider plugins available.

Weaver Show Posts can completely transform the way you build your Web site. You are no longer constrained to show just the default blog page, or posts filtered by category or tag. You can now turn any regular page into a specialized blog page that shows just the posts you want. And if your theme displays posts using the WordPress “content.php” method, and well over half do, your posts will match exactly how they are displayed natively.