This tutorial covers the creation of a Posts Slideshow. It uses the Create Image Slideshow tutorial as the example of a Posts Slideshow.


Step 1 – Create Posts

Create a post

Create a post

A Slider Show can use Posts to create either a slide show of Posts, or an image slide show where an image included in a post is used for the image slide. This tutorial slide show is a Post slide show where each slide is a post.

You can use the standard WordPress Post slide admin page to create posts for a slider, or you can create posts using the special Slider Posts admin page. Regular posts will be displayed as normal blog posts on your site, while Slider Posts will be displayed only when included using a filter.

For this tutorial, we will show how the “Create Image Slideshow” tutorial was created.

Step 2a – Create a Filter

Create a Filter called "Create Slideshows"

Create a Filter called “Create Slideshows”

After you have created your content, you now have to create a Filter for the slider to use to select which content is displayed in the Slider. Show Sliders uses the powerful Filter specifications supported by the Show Posts plugin. You can easily fine tune which posts are used in a slider by filling selection filters based on name, category, tags, dates, post type, and more. Typically, selection criteria such as category, tag, or Slider Post Slider Group are used to specify which posts are included.

The first step is to create a filter by opening the Weaver Slider Posts/Slider admin page, clicking the Filters tab, and entering a name for the filter (“Create Slideshow”), and creating the filter by giving by clicking the “Create New Filter Button”. It can make it easier to keep track of which sliders and filters work together by giving them the same name. We will use “Create Slideshow” for our examples.

Step 2b – Define Filter Selection

Specify Filter Selection Options

Specify Filter Selection Options

Once you’ve created the filter, you need to define the selection criteria it uses to filter which posts will be included. Note that this filter can be used for [show_posts], but we will use it to define the slider for [show_slider name=create-slideshow]. For this tutorial, we will want to include all Slider Posts from the slider group “Create Slideshow”.

When we created the posts, we added each slide to the Slider Group “Create Slideshow” on the Slider Post Editor page. You could instead assign posts (regular or Slider Posts) to a category or give them a tag to use for the filter selection criteria.

For our example, we simply select “Create Slideshow” from the “Slider Group” box and clicking “Add Slider Group”. Making this selection automatically also adds “atw_slider_post” to the Post Type box since these posts are “Slider Posts”.

For this example, this is the only filter specification we need, so click the “Save Filter Options” button. We will use this Filter with the Slider we define in the Step 3.

Step 2c – Set Post Display Options

Select Post Display Options

Select Post Display Options

By default, your posts will be displayed in the Slider showing the Post Title, Poste Meta-info, and the post content. For this tutorial, we don’t want to show the Post Meta-info.

The Filters tab has options for controlling the layout of the post. So for the “Create Slideshows” tutorial, we check the “Hide Top Post Meta Info” and the “Hide Bottom Post Meta Info” options in the “Post Display” option box.

For the tutorial, we also set the “Number of Posts to Show” so the whole slide show will be included, and set the posts to be sorted by title in ascending order.

There are other Post Display options. These options will work when using the built-in Post Display function, or when used with theWeaver Xtreme Theme. The “Display posts as” option can be very useful when creating Post Sliders. If you use the “Native Post Display” option supported by some themes, the Post Display options will not be available.

Step 3 – Define the Slider

Define Slider Options

Define Slider Options

Now you’ve created the content and defined a filter to select that content. Now you need to create a slider definition that uses that filter for the slide show. So, the steps are:

1. “Create New Slider” by entering the name “Create Slideshow” in the Select Slider box.
2. Set the Slider Type. We will use a “Slider – one item” slider.
3. Set the paging. We will used Paging Dots. Note that thumbnail pagers don’t work for Post Sliders.
4. Set the “Slider Content” to “Show Slider as Posts”.
5. Select the matching “Create Slideshow” filter. Selecting the Filter is critical!
6. For this tutorial, we also disabled autostart.
7. Save the options.


Also see the Create Images Tutorial.