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Download Weaver Xtreme – Latest Version


Weaver II Theme (1) »

  1. Weaver II (2.2.4) - This is the latest release version of Weaver II. This download link will always have the latest release of Weaver II. Starting with Weaver II Version 2.2, automatic updates will no longer be provided by, but will instead be automatically provided by our own servers. Other than the update from 2.1.12 to 2.2 (which requires a manual update), any future update notices will appear when you open the Weaver II admin pages. You will still have to manually download any updated versions (very few and far between at this point) from this download page.
    1. Download Weaver II from here.
    2. Download and activate the Weaver II Theme Extras plugin. (This plugin is no longer available on
    3. From the Save/Restore tab, use the Update Weaver II theme option to update Weaver II from the .zip file you download from this screen.

    Alternate method: Use Easy Theme Upgrader to upgrade your previous version of Weaver II.

Weaver Plugins (4) »

  1. Weaver II Maintenance Plugin 1.3 - This is a new plugin for Weaver II and Weaver II Pro. It allows for several maintenance tasks for Weaver II. 1. Convert Weaver 2.2.x settings to Weaver II settings. As Weaver 2.2.x is phased out, the conversion code was removed from Weaver II, and is now available from this Plugin. 2. Clear Weaver II settings. This will clear all Weaver II and Weaver II Pro settings from the WordPress database. This is useful if you want all traces of Weaver II removed from your site. 2. Clear Weaver 2.2.x settings. This will remove settings from the old version of Weaver 2.2.x and earlier. To install, open the WP dashboard Plugins page, and click on upload. Install and activate.
  2. Weaver II Theme Switcher 1.3 - This plugin will allow you to define several Weaver II sub-themes, and allow visitors to your site to switch between theme. See Weaver II Sub-Themes Demos to see the plugin in action. Starting with Weaver 1.2.6, this plugin can also be used to save a custom subtheme used on a Per Page basis by specifying Custom Fields for a given static page.
  3. Weaver II Theme Extras (2.3.4) - This is the last version of Weaver II Theme Extras. The plugin is no longer available from, so is available here. You will not receive automatic updates.
  4. Weaver II to Weaver Xtreme - This utility plugin will convert most Weaver II and Weaver II Pro settings to a Weaver Xtreme settings backup file. This plugin is no longer available on

Previous Versions (7) »

  1. Weaver Original Archival Release 2.2.9 - This is the final release of the original Weaver theme - Version 2.2.9. (This is NOT Weaver II and NOT 2010 Weaver). This theme is not supported. It is highly recommended upgrading to Weaver II.
  2. Weaver II (Previous Version) 1.1.7 - Final release of the Weaver II 1.1.x version. You should upgrade to the latest Weaver II 1.2.x version, but this version is maintained for archival purposes.
  3. 2010 Weaver 1.6 - This is the very old, and very obsolete version of 2010 Weaver. This is posted here ONLY for emergency download for sites that might still be using it. WARNING! This theme is NOT supported. It may have security issues not found in later versions. There is an upgrade procedure to Weaver II described in the FAQ.
  4. Weaver II (Previous Version) 1.2.9 - Final release of the Weaver II 1.2.x version. You should upgrade to the latest Weaver II 1.3.x version, but this version is maintained for archival purposes.

Aspen (2) »

  1. Aspen Theme 1.1.7 - This is the latest version of Aspen. It will usually correspond to the version found on, but may be newer for a short period while it get reviewed and processed for the repository. Install the Aspen Theme Extras and use the Update Theme option on the Save/Restore tab to update to this version. Otherwise, simply use the standard WordPress theme update process.
  2. Aspen to Weaver Xtreme 0.1 - This plugin will non-destructively convert your Aspen Themes settings to Weaver Xtreme Theme settings.

Weaver Xtreme (2) »

  1. Weaver Xtreme (3.1.9) - This is the bleeding edge version of Weaver Xtreme. This version is stable, but may be newer than the version found on
  2. Weaver Xtreme Theme Support Plugin (3.0) - Release Version of the Weaver Xtreme Support Plugin Version 3.0. REQUIRES Weaver Xtreme Version 3.0 Will not work correctly with pre-2.95 versions of Weaver Xtreme.

Beta Test Versions (2) »

  1. Weaver for bbPress - Beta version with new "Best Answer" option.
  2. Weaver Xtreme - Bleeding Edge - Version with bleeding edge code fixes and new features. Should be stable, but may lack latest documentation and help wording.