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I've worked very hard for over seven years to bring you great WordPress themes and plugins, including:

  • Weaver Xtreme Theme - the original options based WordPress theme
  • Weaver Show Posts and Show Sliders - show posts and sliders with any theme
  • Weaver for bbPress - Turnkey bbPress - styles plus display, user, and admin options
  • Support for Weaver Themes - various support plugins related to the Weaver Theme


I'm a Digital Pioneer, and have been developing software for PCs and the web since 1980. I've been a contributor and  supporter of free GPL software since the early 1990's. But free really does have a cost. I have to keep my development computers up to date. I have to pay for internet service and web hosting. So I rely on small donations to help offset all these expenses, and maybe buy dinner every so often.

If you are using Weaver Xtreme. Weaver for bbPress, or any of my other plugins, I hope you appreciate the flexibility and design options they have added to your site, and how many hours of your own time they've saved you. And don't forget the free Weaver Support Forum which provides some of the best support for a theme and plugins found anywhere.

So thanks for visiting this page, and remember that your donation will be greatly appreciated!


Donate via Paypal