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Latest Version of Weaver Xtreme

Please download from the Theme Directory.

Most recent version, possibly pending update to WordPress repository:

Weaver Xtreme (689 downloads )

Latest Version of Weaver Xtreme Support Plugin

Weaver Xtreme Support Plugin Test Version 6.2.10

Weaver Xtreme Theme Support - 6.2.10 (662 downloads )

Latest Version of Weaver for bbPress

Latest Version of Weaver Show Posts

Latest Version of Weaver Show Sliders

Weaver II Legacy Support

Weaver II Limited Updater Theme

This limited updater version of Weaver II theme allows you to use it on an existing Weaver II site and have it work with later versions of PHP and WordPress without crashing. Your site might not work 100%, but you can use the below plugin to convert your settings to Weaver Xtreme compatible settings, and switch to Weaver Xtreme so that it is very close to your old Weaver II site in appearance.

Weaver II Limited Updater (648 downloads )

Weaver II to Weaver Xtreme

This plugin will allow you to convert Weaver II theme settings to Weaver Xtreme settings. While the conversion is not 100% exact, the Weaver Xtreme site will look very close to the old Weaver II site. Run the plugin and follow the directions. You can also read this article: