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Latest Version of Weaver Xtreme

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Most recent version, possibly pending update to WordPress repository:

Weaver Xtreme 6.4.1 (290 downloads )

Latest Version of Weaver Xtreme Support Plugin

Weaver Xtreme Support Plugin Test Version 6.2.10

Weaver Xtreme Theme Support - 6.2.10 (1115 downloads )

Latest Version of Weaver for bbPress

Latest Version of Weaver Show Posts

Latest Version of Weaver Show Sliders

Weaver II Legacy Support

Weaver II is 100% OBSOLETE. However, if you have an old site using Weaver II, it is likely to actually CRASH because of PHP incompatibilities. We’ve provided these two tools to help you recover your site, and help convert it to Weaver Xtreme. However, other than these two tools, you are on your own.

Weaver II Limited Updater Theme

This limited updater version of Weaver II theme allows you to use it on an existing Weaver II site and have it work with later versions of PHP and WordPress without crashing. Your site might not work 100%, but you can use the below plugin to convert your settings to Weaver Xtreme compatible settings, and switch to Weaver Xtreme so that it is very close to your old Weaver II site in appearance.

Weaver II Limited Updater (1096 downloads )

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your site is still using original versions of Weaver II or Weaver II Pro, you may find that your site will crash WordPress, and that you may not be able to login to change the theme. This can be overcome, but it may not be easy. You will almost certainly need to use direct access to you account from your host control panel. If possible, one thing to try is to change to an old version of PHP. You should then be able to login, upload and change to the Limited Updater, and eventually change back to the PHP version recommended by your host.

If you can’t change to an old version of PHP, you should also be able to use your the File Utility available from you hosting site manager to rename or delete the Weaver II directory from the /themes directory, assuming another theme is available. Your site should then automatically switch to the “default” theme. It may take a while if your site has caching enabled. If need be, you should even be able to upload a theme’s zip file to your site theme’s directory (from your site control panel), and unzip it . But whatever you do, you will NOT be able to use old versions of Weaver II with the latest WordPress and PHP versions.

Weaver II to Weaver Xtreme

This plugin will allow you to convert Weaver II theme settings to Weaver Xtreme settings. While the conversion is not 100% exact, the Weaver Xtreme site will look very close to the old Weaver II site. Run the plugin and follow the directions. You can also read this article: