See the Magic! Weaver Xtreme V2 Beta Test Version

We are extremely excited to announce the release of the Beta Test version of Weaver Xtreme Version 2.0.

Weaver Xtreme V2 now features the WordPress Customizer for a What You See is What You Get display of your option settings. It’s like Magic!

As always, Weaver Xtreme allows you to tweak virtually every aspect of your site’s design. But never before has it been this easy. It is almost like magic to watch most of the settings live update in the preview window, and have the rest update in just a second or two. You really have to see this in action to believe it.

Weaver Xtreme V2 maintains all the previous options, and you can still use the Legacy Theme Options interface. But once you see the new Customizer interface, it is hard to go back! The new interface opens the door to everyone. No longer is it necessary to understand exactly what an option will do – you can see it right there in the preview window. This is revolutionary!

The organization of the Weaver Xtreme Customizer interface has been totally reorganized. The new menu structure is based on WHAT and WHERE. The top level lets you select WHAT you want to change, and the second level presents a consistent selection of areas WHERE you want to make a change. This new organization is quite intuitive, and makes it amazingly easy to drill down to exactly the option you want.

The core Weaver Xtreme engine remains exactly the same, so your previous settings will be intact until you make changes. We would still recommend saving all your previous theme settings, as well as making a current backup of your theme database. If you can, you might want to test out Weaver Xtreme Version 2 Beta on a test site, but that is not essential.

While the new Customizer interface has to be seen to be believed, there currently is a small price to pay. Because of the complexity required to create the magic of WYSIWYG and fast refresh updating, the customizer can take several seconds to load when you initially open the Customizer from the Appearance -> Customize dashboard menu. (** See note below). But once it is open, it responds very quickly.

Click to get your copy of Weaver Xtreme V2 – (Beta Version)



  • You need the latest version of the Weaver Xtreme Support Plugin (v1.9.7).
  • This is the first public release of the Beta version. We think it is pretty complete, but there will almost certainly be wording errors, maybe missing options, and some options that don’t update exactly as expected in the preview. We are confident, however, that it won’t break anything. Even if the preview isn’t exactly right, once you “Save & Publish” options, your site will reflect all the changes when viewed in a new browser window.
  • ** Note: The WordPress Customizer has been implemented by the WordPress core development theme. While it has been around for some time, it has recently added some important new features, and only now is coming into widespread use. It is implemented to use JavaScript extensively. JavaScript runs in the browser on your own computer. This means that performance is related to how fast your computer is, and how fast your browser is. We highly recommend using Safari on Macs, or Chrome on any OS for optimal speed. Firefox also works quiet well. But the Microsoft browsers, including IE 11 and Windows 10 Edge, are significantly slower. Edge is essentially unusable with the Weaver Xtreme Customizer interface.
  • There will be a separate topic on the Forum ( to discuss the Beta test version.

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