Weaver Xtreme Plugins – Which are needed?

There are several plugins developed by WeaverTheme.com to support Weaver Xtreme. There really is no minimum set of plugins you must have, but, here in order of importance, are the plugins avaiable to work with Weaver Xtreme.

  1. Weaver Xtreme Theme Support – the most significant support provided by this plugins is support for all the Per Page and Per Post options. Many people consider these options absolutely essential. They are not included directly with the theme because of requirements imposed by WordPress.org on what can be included with a theme. The plugin also provides 15 or so shortcodes, including and to control display of content on different devices and different conditions. This plugin is pretty much essential.
  2. Weaver Show Posts – if you would like to use your site as a CMS, then this plugin, coupled with the Page with Posts template allows you to selectively display Post filtered by different conditions (category name, tag, order, etc) anywhere on your site.
  3. Weaver Xtreme Plus – This is our premium plugin, and provides lots of cool and powerful features. See http://plus.weavertheme.com for a description of the new features. It is not essential, but can save hours of your time if you need/want its feature for your site.
  4. Weaver Show Sliders – If you want a slide show, then this plugin has lots of options for controlling your display and is compatible with Weaver Xtreme and Weaver Show Posts. * See note below.


If you are upgrading from Weaver II to Weaver Xtreme, then two other plugins are likely to be helpful.

  1. Weaver Themes Shortcode Compatibility – The names of the shortcodes supported by Weaver II (e.g., [weaver_youtube], etc.) have had their names changed in Weaver Xtreme, and this plugin allows you to continue to use the old names for most of the old shortcodes with out needing to edit all your content. Not all old shortcodes are supported.
  2. Weaver II to Weaver Xtreme – this plugin will convert your old Weaver II and Weaver II Pro settings to be used by Weaver Xtreme and Weaver Xtreme Plus Plugin. The conversion is usually 95% or more complete, but some manual tweaking is almost certainly required since Weaver Xtreme is totally new, and has a different internal HTML structure, plus a bunch of really great new features that you will want to take advantage of. Once the conversion has been completed, you can deactivate/remove this plugin. More details on the conversion are available here: Upgrading Weaver II to Weaver Xtreme and Converting from Weaver II and Aspen to Weaver Xtreme.

* Note: The previous ATW Show Sliders Pro has been discontinued. The newest  version Weaver Show Posts (free), has all the options previously contained in ATW Show Posts Pro. Settings are compatible, and you should deactivate/delete your ATW Show Posts Pro and install Weaver Show Posts instead.

Which Weaver Theme to Use?

Weaver Xtreme – the future of Weaver Themes

WeaverTheme.com, the developer of the Weaver II WordPress theme,  released its theme, Weaver Xtreme , in early 2015. Even after all this time, we continue to get a few questions about which theme to use – Weaver Xtreme, Weaver II, or even Aspen. Here are the short answers:

  • Without a doubt, if you are starting a new site, use Weaver Xtreme. It is the newest theme, and has many features to help you design a state of the art website. See the Weaver Xtreme Demo site.
  • Weaver Xtreme Plus is the premium upgrade to Weaver Xtreme. It adds over 100 new options to Weaver Xtreme, and includes a shortcode collection useful for building great, functional websites. See the Weaver Xtreme Plus information page.
  • If you already use Weaver II or Weaver II Pro, they are still great themes and will be supported with WordPress compatibility updates for some time to come. We can’t promise to keep providing these compatibility updates, however. But Weaver II will not get any new features or other enhancements. We highly discourage anyone building a new site from using Weaver II because Weaver Xtreme is simply better.
  • If you want to upgrade from Weaver II to Weaver Xtreme, we’ve provided conversion tools that makes the transition fairly simple.
  • Support for the Aspen theme has been be discontinued completely. The goal of Aspen was to provide a simpler version of Weaver II, but that turned out to be a failed experiment. Weaver Xtreme‘s user interface is much more powerful than both Weaver II and Aspen, but also much easier to use. There is a conversion tool for Aspen, as well.


  • Weaver Xtreme and Weaver Extreme Plus – Use for all new sites.
  • Weaver II and Weaver II Pro – fine for existing sites. Conversion tools available to switch to Weaver Xtreme
  • Aspen – Don’t use – support has been discontinued. Conversion tools available.


More Information


The Weaver Xtreme Plus license

For various marketing decisions, Weaver Xtreme Plus is offered under new licensing terms. Each site with a different URL using Weaver Xtreme Plus needs to be activated using a licensing code. Activation supports automatic updates of the plugin. Licenses are available for a different number of sites – 1, 5, 12, and Unlimited sites. The license expires 18 months after purchase, at which time a renewal discount of at least 30% will be offered. If the activation expires, the Weaver Xtreme Plus plugin will continue to function as before, but will not be updated until the license is renewed. Full details of the license found here.