Beta Test Versions of Weaver Xtreme themes and plugins

If the officially released version is newer, please don’t use the beta versions.

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Weaver Xtreme Version 5 Beta

Weaver Xtreme V5 has significant enhancements, and represents a big step forward.


New Features
  • Customizer still features the previous “What” organized interface, but now also has a “Where” interface organized similarly to the old Legacy Interface.
  • Improved Basic, Standard, and Full option display for Customizer.
  • Improved Customizer performance.
  • Legacy interface remains (with Weaver Xtreme Support plugin). A few options are Customizer only, but are listed in the Legacy interface.
  • The code has significant revisions and improvements to increase performance.
  • The styling (colors, fonts, spacing, etc.) has been improved for both the Classic and Block editors for a more nearly WYSIWYG experience.
  • New features for improved compatibility with Woocommerce.
  • New and improved Align options.
  • Automatic conversion of old options, including old .wxt and .wxb settings files.
Obsolete Options

Weaver Xtreme is a mature theme, and in some ways suffers from the need for backward compatibility. Several options and settings are now considered obsolete, and have or will be removed from this and future versions of Weaver Xtreme. If you’ve used one of these obsolete options in your Weaver Xtreme V4 site, they will be automatically converted to equivalent settings in V5.

  • “Full Width” options: This includes the old “One-Step Site Layout” option as well as the stretch, expand BG, and Extend BG Color. All of these can be replaced using the now standardized WP Align options. When you load Weaver Xtreme V5, these obsolete options are automatically converted to the equivalent layout. This conversion is nearly 100%, but not completely. There WILL be some conversions that slightly change the layout, but will not break nor significantly change your site layout. And give all the options still available, it should be fairly easy to tweak the conversion, or solve with custom CSS. Sorry, but this was a necessary step to keep Weaver Xtreme relevant for current web design practices, and the auto-conversions should work well for almost all existing sites.
  • The Weaver Site BG Image has been declared obsolete (in favor of the standard WordPress BG Image option), but will remain supported for the near future.
  • The per item custom CSS is still supported, but will likely go away in future versions. Any defined per item option CSS will eventually be converted to the standard Custom CSS section.



Because Weaver Xtreme V5 has such significant changes, we’re planning a more extended Beta Test period than usual. But as part of this Beta Test period, we’ve also made it very easy to revert to your old V4 settings if you experience issues. Here are the instructions for installing V5, and how to revert back to V4.4.8.

Installation of the Beta Version

Since the options have changed so much  with both new ones and removed old ones, Weaver Xtreme 5 now stores its options in a totally different WP database entry. This means that your existing settings will remain in the database, and it is easy to revert to the old V4 version.

  1. Be sure you’ve updated to the new Weaver Xtreme  Theme Support plugin. The new version is 5.0., and has been released to the standard WP plugin repository.
  2. You might want to test V5 on a development or backup site, but we’ve gone directly to V5 on quite a few live sites with no issues. And it is simple to revert.
  3. Download the most current Beta version from the above link to your computer.
  4. Open the Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes menu, and install the new Beta version. When you activate it, it will automatically read your old settings from V4, and create the new V5 database entry, including conversions.

You should be all set. We tested the new version on a pretty large number of sites, and have also tested the automatic conversion on many more site designs. Most of you won’t seen any changes to your existing site, but a few might see some small alignment changes. But we’ve not yet found any sites that get broken.

The most significant changes you should notice are small changes to the “What” customizer layout, and the brand new “Where” customizer interface which we believe more users will like. You also might notice improved font and styling matching in the editors, especially the Block Editor.

We would really appreciate hearing back from you if you find issues – especially anything that radically changes your site layout. You may report issues directly to us at [email protected], or on the Forum.

Revert to V4 Settings

We’ve tried really hard to make it easy to fall back to your previous V4 settings. Basically, you simply have to re-install the previous version of Weaver Xtreme, which for now will be 4.4.8. Because both the V4 and the V5 version have the same name in the WordPress theme repository, is can be a little harder to go backwards, but it there are two ways.

  • Perhaps the easiest thing to do is to temporarily switch to some other theme such as any of the WP Twenty themes. Then delete the Weaver Xtreme V5 Beta version. (Click on the picture in the Theme list from the Themes menu.) For now the only visual difference between V4 and V5 is that the theme screenshot will have “Weaver Xtreme V5 Beta” instead of “Weaver Xtreme 4”. Once you’ve deleted the V5 Beta, you can simply reinstall the V4 version from the WP repository.
  • As an alternative to switching themes, you can also download the previous version of V4 to your computer (there’s a copy available on the Download Archives page on this site), and install it right over the V5 Beta using the WP Upload Theme button. You’ll be shown a dialog that lets you overwrite the Beta Version.
  • If you revert, you might find it a good idea to get rid of the new Beta settings in the database. Once you’ve replaced the V5, you can find a new option on the Legacy Dashboard -> Appearance -> Weaver Xtreme Admin -> Save Restore tab that allows you delete V4 Beta settings. Note that if you changed Menus or Widgets while using V5, those changes will remain after you revert to V4. Other theme settings will go back to the old settings.