Absolute Weaver is our newest theme. It is a new, streamlined version of our long-time favorite theme, Weaver Xtreme.

Why are we releasing a slimmed down version of Weaver Xtreme? Well, the state of web design, and WordPress, has changed since Weaver Xtreme was first developed. Many of the features of Weaver Xtreme are in may ways no longer critically needed. The advent of the Gutenberg block editor, and several great page builders, has changed the way websites are built. While Weaver Xtreme’s options will remain relevant and critical for many web site designers, others will appreciate the simplifications of Absolute Weaver.

Absolute Weaver is very stable as it is totally based on the original code for Weaver Xtreme, but with a reduced option set. It is currently in the review queue at WordPress.org, and is likely to have the review completed very shortly. Because it seems so near approval, please wait a few days or weeks for the official release version.

Here are some of the features of Absolute Weaver:

  • Streamlined, Customizer only based options
  • No old-style legacy option interface
  • No Theme Support plugin available or required
  • Options greatly simplified. Advanced Weaver Xtreme options such as HTML insertion areas, CSS+, shortcodes, and other obscure options have been eliminated. Weaver Xtreme will continue to be supported for those options.
  • An premium Absolute Weaver Plus plugin will be available with attractive licensing terms – unlimited sites at prices less than Weaver Xtreme Plus.
  • Customizer loads very quickly. The Customizer follows the Weaver Xtreme “what to customize” model, but has some rearrangements.
  • 100% upward compatible Weaver Xtreme. Settings loaded into Weaver Xtreme will yield an identically styled site. Weaver Xtreme settings loaded into Absolute Weaver will work for compatible options included with Weaver Xtreme.