• Version 1.2.9 (2/10/2013)
    • * Changed wording for Mobile Theme Plugin check if Disable Mobile Support option enabled
      * Fixed alt= on search form
      * Fixed bug with hide image borders
      * Fixed type=’touch’ for [ weaver_shoe/hide_if_mobile ] in responsive mode
      * Added completely new Flow color to bottom code – now works on IE
  • Version 1.2.8 (1/26/2013)
    • * Added Center Menu option
      * Added Per Page Header Horizontal Widget Area Replacement option
      * Added basic validation on colors (must be hex or rgb or color name [checks for alpha letters only]). Will detect many typos.
      * Added class (< hr class=”wvr-2-col-divider”/ >) for column spliter hr on 2-col page template
      * Added workaround for iOS iPod/iPhone Full/Mobile switching
      * Added check for PHP max_input_vars set too small – very rare host configuration problem
      * Added check for wrap site with shadows without specifying #wrapper bg color – that fails on IE7/8
      * Added text color for footer
      * Added font size for content, widgets, footer
      * Added error detection for alternate mobile theme plugins
      * Added auto-support for WordPress SEO by Yoast – don’t need to check “Use SEO” option
      * Added ca_ES translation
      * Fixed documentation for [ weaver_show_posts number=-1 ] to show all posts
      * Relabeled “Site Description” to “Site Tagline” everywhere
      * Changed behavior: Post Title for single page post view no longer a link – displays same as page title – this is preferred WP behavior
      * Fixed handling of Page with Posts sticky posts when cat/tag filters used – sticky now works right
      * Fixed – images now have an alt=”desc” field for all image display
      * Fixed page template loops so they always terminate properly
      * Fixed Hide secondary menu on smart-mobile display
      * Fixed issues on some options that treated blog pages same as front page even when they were not the front page
      * Fixed some ” escape issues in CSS generator
      * Fixed widget margin bug – did not generate correct CSS
      * Fix for “Continue Reading” with short text + image/shortcode
      * Fixed 3 column blog responsive support – 3 columns switch to 1 column always on narrow devices
      * Some code clean-up
  • Version 1.2.6 (12/18/2012)
    • * Note: 1.2.5 never released in Weaver II free version – all changes listed for 1.2.5 also apply to 1.2.6 free
      * Improved display issues with Hide Menus – Desktop option
      * Added filter to Weaver’s settings to allow child themes to easily have their own settings.
      * Added option to hide Search box when search fails or archive post not found (Pro)
      * Added Per Page subtheme selection when used with Weaver II Theme Switcher plugin
      * Changed search pages to treat FIs like archive pages
      * Changed behavior of print styling to override body and #wrapper padding.
      * Fixed menu padding issue when custom menu used
      * Fixed “Trebuchet MS” font name
      * Fixed issue with rgba backgrounds for menus on IE7/8
      * Fixed problem with excerpts when text < excerpt limit, but had shortcodes – would not display read more message. This was an issue with core WordPress functions.
      * Fixed problem on Page with Posts – specifying non-existant category would display all posts instead of none.
      * Fixed issue with image captions in sidebars
      * Fixed issue with %content% not displaying correctly for custom meta-lines (Pro)
      * Fixed issue with Flow to Bottom and left sidebar slide-right vertical menu
      * Fixed [ weaver_search ] issue with alternate button url. (Pro)
  • Version 1.2.5
    • * Added Weaver II Per Page Text Widget
      * Added some child theme hooks to allow child themes to extend admin pages
      * Added move header horizontal widget area after header image
      * Added %template_directory%, %stylesheet_directory%, and %addon_directory% processing for CSS++ and Custom CSS Rules for url()s
      * Added hide menu bars on desktop view option
      * Some code optimization in CSS generation
      * Changed Weaver II Theme tab – selection of subthemes now by radio button instead of pull-down.
      * Changed wording so now always use the term ‘subtheme’ and not sub-theme.
      * Recently added translations: PL, IT, CZ, HU
      * Fixed bug on bottom/top mobile menu labels
      * Fixed clear:both; problem in infobar when used with left sidebar
      * Fixed what “Page Title Text” color is applied to (CSS+ was issue)
      * Fixed mobile menu rule in style-minimal.css
  • Version 1.2.4 (11/16/2012)
    • * Added Gradient definition and options to show on header, content, footer, and widget areas
      * Added shortcode support to custom post info lines
      * Removed WP 3.3 compatibility – now requires at least WP 3.4
      * Added JetPack Infinite Scroll support
      * added [ weaver_show_posts ] hide_featured_image option
      * Fixed breadcrumbs with nested sub-categories
      * Fixed split sidebar responsive issue
      * Fixed iOS phone menu issue
      * Fixed display of footer widget area on mobile devices (show on all stacked modes, one column)
      * Fixed problem with #ie8 and hide title/description
  • Version 1.2.3
    • * Tweaked help file to add info about using @media rules for responsive customization
      * Tweaked how Disable Mobile Support works – shows full scaled site on
  • Version 1.2.2
    • * Fixed color picker
  • Version 1.2.1
    • * Fixed bug with Superfish script conflict
      * Mobile Menu now will hide submenus if Menu Effects checked (superfish)
      * Fixed show/hide if mobile for IE7, IE8
      * Improved migration to first time install of Weaver II Pro from Weaver II free
  • Version 1.2(10/15/2012)
    • * Extensive enhancement of Mobile support – now both User Agent and pure Responsive modes
      – Moved Mobile to its own top level admin tab
      – Now have 4 mobile modes: Stacked or hidden sidebars on either Smart (User Agent based)
      or “pure” responsive mobile support modes
      – Support for Android pull-down menu hover vs. touch (affects tablets mostly)
      – Added .wvr-show-mobile, .wvr-show-phone, .wvr-show-smalltablet, and .wvr-show-tablet classes
      – Added new responsive rules for embed, iframe, object, video, & twitter
      – Removed support for using pull-down menu for Smart and Responsive mobile views – phones
      now always use Mobile menu
      – Mobile options displayed in green
      – Split mobile CSS rules into separate style file.
      – jQuery library now always loaded by Weaver II
      * Added option to not-excerpt 1st “n” blog posts (global and per Page with Posts)
      * Added dedicated value box for per-pageclass name
      * Added ‘container-pagetype’ class to #container_wrap for all page types
      * Added don’t display 1st n posts on Page with Posts template – useful with plugins that will
      display the 1st n posts in an alternative format – such as a slider.
      * Added Video Post Format
      * Fixed a few minor bugs from beta 92 version: left menu padding, doc errors, admin interface display issues
      * Revised JavaScript files – combined all into one file, use global JS vars for option control
      * Optimize JavaScript and CSS file sizes by using YUI Compressor (via Minimus on a Mac)
      * Tweaked (*Pro) label to make more readable
      * Changed how “Menu Effects” option works. Only Arrows now. Sorry, no longer has animated
      pull-down menus. Superfish caused issues with page resize handling.
      * Removed upgrade support for Weaver 2.2.x to Weaver II – it is now in a plugin
      * Revised Help file