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Announcing Weaver Xtreme Version 3.0

We pleased to announce the release of Weaver Xtreme Version 3.0 with many exciting new features aimed at creating modern full-width web designs. We've also updated the options for the Header area, making it easy to create a beautiful, fully customized Header. And there are now ever more options for Featured Images.

Just look at this list of NEW features:

  • Full Width Sites: Expand Areas alternative to existing Extend BG Attributes
  • Featured Image Locations: Banner, Full Width BG Images: tiled, cover, parallax
  • Per Post FI Layout for individual Posts (requires Theme Support Plugin)
  •  Checkbox for Fixed-Top Menus and Header Area with auto top margin for wrapper/content
  • HTML as replacement for Header Image: allows easy slide show in header creation with shortcode
  • Customizer Options interface level - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Weaver System Info on Help tab (req: Theme Support Plugin)
  • Minimum Server / PHP Memory check for Customizer
  • Replace Site Title text with WP Custom Logo image, with height options
  • Add WP Custom Logo to Left end of Primary Menu, with height options
  • Alternate for Mobile Menu Hamburger
  •  Render Header Image as a BG image, including Parallax (requires Xtreme Plus)
  •  New default subtheme, plus other new and revised subthemes
  • Underline on link hover
  • Menu Bar top/bottom padding
  • Adjust for Admin Bar on top of front-end view for logged in users
  • Add Right HTML to Primary Menu now supported by free version. Left and other Rights still need XPlus
  •  Automatic vertical margins for Fixed Top and Bottom options
  • Top/Bottom padding for Title/Tagline area
  •  New menus for Full Width Site



Weaver Xtreme Plus

Want even more? We also offer a premium plugin that extends Weaver Xtreme by adding over 100 new options and other features. Check out Weaver Xtreme Plus HERE.


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