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Announcing Weaver Xtreme Version 4.0

We pleased to announce the release of Weaver Xtreme Version 4.0 with many exciting new features aimed at creating modern full-width web designs.

Perhaps the biggest news is support for the new WordPress Guttenberg Editor, intended to become the main WordPress Editor later in 2018. Adding complete theme integration with Gutenberg (and Weaver Xtreme is probably the very first theme available on the WordPress theme repository to have full support) allows a much richer experience. You have to try it to see. See the examples of pages built with Gutenberg and Weaver Xtreme: The Weaver Demo and the Welcome to Gutenberg demo included with the Gutenberg plugin.

Check out What's New in Weaver Xtreme 4.0 for a list of all the new features.



Weaver Xtreme Plus

Want even more? We also offer a premium plugin that extends Weaver Xtreme by adding over 100 new options and other features. Check out Weaver Xtreme Plus HERE.


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