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Weaver Xtreme is our newest and best WordPress theme. Its predecessor, Weaver II, has been a wildly popular WordPress theme. Weaver Xtreme is the direct descendent, and has been redesigned based on those years of experience with the previous Weaver themes. While you will get the same, familiar admin interface (but with totally new, easier to use options!), the code for the site output has been completely re-written to improve the speed , look, organization, and responsiveness of Weaver.

While there are literally dozens and dozens of new options, you’ll find the new admin interface easier to use than ever because most options now are grouped into areas, each area with the same set of options. You get the same options, but they can be applied in many more places!

Weaver Xtreme’s HTML structure has been extensively revised, and the theme is now exclusively a fully responsive design to automatically adjust your site’s layout for phones, small tablets, and a standard desktop. Responsive design is absolutely essential for modern websites.

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Weaver Xtreme Puts You in Control

options-screenXtreme Total Control: Just like its predecessors, Weaver Xtreme gives you total control over the look of your site. It has easy-to-use “checkbox” options to control virtually every aspect of your site’s design. You can change layouts, colors, fonts, sidebars, and much much more.





Xtreme Control of the Header: Include site title, a header image, menu bars – or not. Use the header widget area to add widgets to the header. Use the header HTML area to totally create your own header look. You can include a slide open search button, and add a “mini-menu” suitable for a small auxiliary menu with just a few items. Make the header full width. And all this with just a few clicks on the Weaver Xtreme Header admin page.




Xtreme Control of the Footer: You have similar control of the Footer area – a widget area that automatically adjusts to the number of columns you set. Control the width of the Footer.





menusXtreme Control of Menus: Each of the main menus (primary and secondary) has an independent options section, so you can style these menus independently. Weaver Xtreme Plus offers even more control of your menus, including “Smart Menus” based menus, plus extra menus in several styles: standard menu bar, accordion vertical menu perfect for sidebars, simple vertical menus, and simple horizontal menus.



sidebar-layoutsXtreme Control of Layout: You have exceptional control over site layout. In addition to independent control of the Header, Content, and Footer widths, you can control the widths of the sidebars. There are six different layouts of the 2 main sidebars, plus 9 other widget areas. You can specify how many columns each widget area displays, and with Weaver Xtreme Plus, even the width of widget area columns.


featured-image-optionsXtreme Control of Featured Images: Weaver Xtreme gives you about all the options you could image for where and how to display your Featured Images, for both Pages and Posts. You can control where the FI is displayed (5 choices), the size, and when (on pages, excerpted posts, full posts, and the single post page). You can even use the FI as a replacement image for the default header image.





Xtreme Selective Post Display: Using the “Page with Posts” page template, you can turn your site into a complete CMS. You can select exactly which posts you want to display on a given page – by category, tag, author, and more. Includes Per-Page control of which elements will be displayed. And there is even a companion plugin that allows you to selectively display posts on regular pages, or in widgets anywhere.


mobileXtreme Responsiveness: Site HTML structure redesigned for optimal responsive display. Sidebars will automatically stack under the content on small screens. You can even have a sidebar stack above the content to allow complete site navigation just from the sidebar.

Xtreme Mobile Menu: The best mobile menu ever! The mobile menu displayed on small devices is one of the best you’ll find on any website. Unlike most other mobile menus, the Weaver Xtreme mobile menu doesn’t show every menu item in one big blob, but folds submenus until the visitor taps to open them. And no fancy effects – just a compact, easy to use menu that your mobile visitors will love to use.






Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 12.22.32 PMXtreme Support: To start with, Weaver Xtreme comes with a complete help document that covers the essentials of using the theme. And Weaver has an extremely active support forum with lots of active members, and moderators who just love to help solve site design puzzles!




Even More with Weaver Xtreme Plus

Weaver Xtreme is complemented by a premium plugin – Weaver Xtreme Plus. This plugin adds over 100 new options and features to Weaver Xtreme – similar to those provided by Weaver II Pro.

Check out all the features of the Weaver Xtreme Plus plugin