A new beta version of Weaver X is available – V 0.13

Download Weaver X Version 0.13

Some bug fixes, but quite a few new features and tweaks. Some of the new features will be Xtra only.

= Changes Version 0.13 =
* Changed Base Font Size to free
* Added LEFT/RIGHT to menu bars
* Added separators on menu bars
* Fixed browser dependent glitch for switching to mobile menu
* Fixed failure to generate BG color for titles
* Fixed rounded corners issue with Menus
* Changed class and color handling for Site-Title and Post-Titles
* Fixed left split sidebar overflow issue (still needs “debounced”)
* RTL seems solid now
* Added a bg to the search icon admin picker so will always show on different admin themes
* Extensive revision of header image, title, tagline – added some align options, size options,
and changed how the move title, etc. over image works. The new code allows totally new designs
for the header area, especially when used with small header images as logos.
* Tweaked stylesheet for blockquote, heading tags, and some others.
* #header wasn’t border-box – fixed
* Tweaked some option names – mostly for post meta line display options – should not affect
existing theme .wxt files, but might affect if you’ve used those options. Will have to reset.
* Switched from dirname(__FILE__) tp get_template_directory() for ‘required’
* Changed global link options to be really global instead of on #wrapper.

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