If you use a cache plugin for your site, we now strongly recommend using Quick Cache as the by far the best solution to use with Weaver II.

Quick Cache and Weaver II are now 100%  compatible – automatically. No more need to manually add the User Agent list!

Quick Cache has just been totally re-engineered, and is both very effective and fast, but also is  simple to use. You just turn it on, and it works. No complex options to set. Just plain simple. If you do need some advanced features, it has a very inexpensive Pro version. All in all, the best caching plugin to use with Weaver II.

Here’s the instructions:

  1. Update your Weaver II Theme Extras Plugin to version 2.1.2.
  2. Update and activate Quick Cache.
  3. The instructions in versions of Weaver II 2.1.1 and lower no longer apply – you do not need to manually set the User Agent option in Quick Cache.
  4. Open your Weaver II Admin page, and open the “Advanced Options -> Site Options” tab. You should now see a new Quick Cache section at the top, and the message:
    “Automatic support for Quick Cache has been enabled.”

Quick Cache and Weaver II are now working together to automatically deliver cached pages of your site, including pages for mobile devices when you take advantage of Weaver II’s Smart Mode Mobile support. This is new – using the old method (User Agent list), only the desktop version was cached, but now all pages, including for mobile devices, are cached. Quick Cache is the only caching plugin that supports full caching across all devices.

Note that if you use pure responsive mobile mode, there is no difference in the content cached and delivered for either desktop or mobile browsers. Any cache plugin will work with Weaver II when using pure responsive mobile support, but none combine the simplicity and effectiveness of Quick Cache.

Quick Cache will also work great with Aspen, but does not need the extra support for mobile devices.

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