After some great feedback on the initial release of these two plugins, I’m releasing new versions.


  • Better overall theme compatibility – the slides are now using <div>s instead of <ul></li>, which seems to have improved compatibility with themes. I tested with over 100 themes, and only two would not work. One was using a non-standard version of jQuery (which is not supposed to be allowed!), and I have no idea what is wrong with the other. But the other 98% work perfectly. It will still be possible to “break” the slider if your theme has CSS with !importants, and that is probably not fixable.
  • Post sliders should work better now. The 100% image width was being applied to both image and post sliders, which make the images break in post sliders.
  • The interface to select sliders or filters has been improved. You now just need to select the slider or filter from the dropdown, and it the selection will change automatically without the need for a submit button.


Click for live Slider Demo


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