These are the latest beta releases of ATW Show Sliders and ATW Show Posts.

These are feature complete now – except still will beef up the documentation.

Some of the new features since previous release:

  • Video – uses a script called fixvids to autosize videos in sliders.
  • “Photo” border around images
  • Reorganized options sections
  • Can add a “Loading” spinner for sliders that take a long time to load
  • Ability to add custom pager thumbs for any video or image slide
  • Can limit height of Post slides, and scroll bar will be added for too tall posts
  • Options for number of thumbs in thumbnail pagers
  • Option for number of slides displayed at once in Carousel

Known issue: The version number will be correct in the Plugins list, but not on the Admin display – shows 0.94, I think.


Click for live Slider Demo


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