We are getting close.

ATW Show Posts is really at release candidate stage. Changes include some interface rewording and some new style rules to make the plugin’s post display function have better compatibility with more themes.

ATW Show Sliders has a few significant changes:

  • Technical change with browser interactions. This may fix iPad compatibility.  This should be an invisible “under the hood” change.
  • Added options to display image Title and Captions above and below the image instead of overlaying the image.
  • Minor style tweaks for theme compatibility. At this point, only a few outlier themes have issues caused by not following theme standards – such as loading incompatible versions of jQuery. Such themes should not even be in the repository, but there might be commercial themes with this issue.
  • CRITICAL CHANGE: The optional border size for sliders has changed from em to px. This was technically necessary as the floating point em value was producing some “shifting” on the sliders in some browsers. If you used this setting, you need to change to a px value (15px is about the same as 1.0 em.)

Sorry about the failure to inform about the need to first delete pre-0.97 versions before installing 0.97 (or 0.98). This was due to the need to switch the plugin sub-directory from /atw-show-posts|sliders to simply /show-posts|sliders. This is how they will be named in the WP plugin repository, and that was just approved.

Main feedback I’d like now is about basic Show Sliders features vs. the Pro features. They are separated now. I think I have the really essential features in the basic version, but perhaps some of the defaults that can be overridden in the Pro version could be swapped – made the default in basic and have the Pro then allow specification of the former basic option.

Click for live Slider Demo


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