This is to announce the availability of the initial Beta test versions of a new pair of plugins: Aspen Themeworks Show Posts and Aspen Themeworks Show Sliders that will work with any WordPress Theme. The Show Posts is a new, advanced version of the familiar [[weaver_show_posts]] and [[aspen_show_posts]] shortcodes. The Show Sliders plugin may be the best Responsive Slider plugin available – bar none!

And as you’ve come expect to expect from Weaver II and Aspen, you are in control. The admin interface to ATW Show Posts and ATW Show Sliders allows you to customize the posts and sliders to work and look just how you want!

These Beta versions of the plugins seem quite stable, and have been tested with over 100 of the most popular and recently released WordPress themes. A very small percentage of themes have some issues with padding or margins around the sliders – mostly caused because the themes use !important in their style sheets – let us know if the theme you use has display issues, and we will try to fix them. And, of course, we’d appreciate suggestions and comments on the admin interface and features. Send feedback to weaver at Thanks!

Click for live Slider Demo


ATW Show Sliders

This is a brand new, completely responsive, Slider, Slide Show, and Carousel plugin. It will display either Posts or Images in a slider. It requires that the companion ATW Show Posts plugin also be installed to provide the options to select which posts or images to display. The ability to show posts can be used for such things as showing your most recent posts in a slider. A slide show or carousel can have a “dot” based pager, a thumbnail pager, or a sliding carousel thumbnail slider.

But ATW Show Sliders really shines when it comes to displaying images. You have unprecedented flexibility when it comes to defining which images you want in your slider. You can use the Show Posts options to select individual images, but the easiest and best way to specify images is the ability to use the existing WordPress Gallery to set up your slider. The WordPress Gallery allows you to pick any existing images in your Media Library. You can easily change the order of the images, and define image titles, captions, and even a description; all which can optionally be displayed in the slide show or carousel.

ATW Show Slider will have both a “lite” free version, and a more advanced premium version. The exact set of features in each version has not been determined yet, and the beta version has some options that will be available only in the final Pro version.

ATW Show Posts

This plugin allows you to show posts using a shortcode anywhere you theme allows you to use a shortcode. It has an settings admin page that allows you to define a Filter to selected exactly which posts are displayed. It has it own function to display posts, and a Custom CSS option so you can style the posts to better match whatever theme you are using. But it also supports the native Weaver II and Aspen post display functions (so it can serve as a replacement for [[aspen/weaver_show_posts]]. And even better, it will support the native post display function of many WordPress themes (over half of existing WordPress themes can use this feature – it is dependent whether or not a theme uses one WordPress standard to display posts).

The current plan is to have only a free version of ATW Show Posts.

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