This table compares all the major options available with Aspen, Aspen Pro, Weaver II, and Weaver II Pro. These entries represent options that you can easily change to your exact needs.

Feature Comparison:
Aspen vs. Weaver II
Aspen Aspen
Predefined Subthemes 25 25 28 28
Premium Add-on Subthemes
General Appearance Options
BG colors,
Rounded Corners, Shadow, Text Color
Basic Borders
Background Gradient, Search, custom style sheet
Background Images
Theme Width, Fixed Width, Margins
Widget Areas (Sidebars) 15 16 16 16
Per Page Widget Areas
Sidebar Layout by Page Type (blog, page, etc.) 11 11 5 11
Flow color to bottom
Sidebar width, sidebar bg color
Basic Browser Fonts, by general
Base font size, line height, Mobile Font size
Full font control for most site text areas
Full support for all Google Fonts
Widget Areas
Individual Widgets: BG, Margins,
Border, Bar
under title, Title/Text colors, font size, list bullet
Custom List bullet, gradient bg
Custom Header Image size, display
Header BG color, padding
Add HTML to Header area
Add extra logo image
Use Featured Image as Header Image
Wide Header Area – width wider than content
Header Horizontal Widget Area – custom header
additional width options for Mobile View
Site Title / Tagline
Display above or over header image
Control display position
Full control of colors, font size, other attributes
Additional options – height, separators, more
Extra menus in content or sidebars
Special menu for mobile devices
HTML, Search, Login on menu bar
Social buttons on menu bar
Infobar – breadcrumbs, paged navigation
Add HTML to Infobar
Links – color, bold, italic,
hover, visited, underline
Hide tool-tips on links
Content Areas
BG, text colors, font size, padding/spacing
Images: border, shadow, captions
Featured Image – display, size
Lists, horizontal line, table style
Custom list bullets
Options for comments
Post Specifics
BG, text colors, font size, padding/spacing
Multi-column posts
Masonry overlapped multi-column layout
Post Title – comment bubble, author avatar
remove link from post title
Post navigation style options
Excerpt control – length, full vs excerpt, others
Featured Image – size, when to display, others
Post meta info lines – many display options
totally custom meta info lines
Feature Comparison:
Aspen vs. Weaver II
Aspen Aspen
BG, text color/size, borders, hide
Up to 4 widgets areas, auto sized
Custom Copyright
Footer wider than content area
Fully responsive mobile display automatically
Show/Hide sidebars on desktop vs mobile
Show/Hide header on desktop/mobile
Other options for desktop vs. mobile
“Smart Mode” mobile display – device detect
Mobile simulator
Full/excerpt, plus alternate mobile options
Alternate theme for mobile devices
<HEAD> Section
Insert HTML, Scripts into <head> section
Add custom CSS rules to site
CSS Rules by option (CSS+ options)
Total CSS – add CSS to specific site items
Add PHP Actions and Filters to site
HTML Insertion – add HTML to site
Site Header, Footer, Pre-Wrapper,
Pre-Main, Pre-Container, Post-Post
Pre-Comments, Post-Comments, Pre-Footer,
Pre-Left Sidebar, Pre-Right Sidebar
Mobile Header Insert, Desktop Header Insert
Page Templates
Normal, 2-Col Content, Blank, Page with
Sitemap, iframe
Raw, HTML Source
Site Options
Preferred Image for Facebook
Save/Restore Theme Settings
Current Settings to/from WP database
Current Settings to/from your computer
Current Settings to/from host filesystem
Reset settings
Per Page Options
Show/Hide Header Items
Show/Hide Menus
Hide Page on default menu
Hide Page on mobile device default menu
Disable visual editor, allow raw HTML
Set Sidebar Layout for page
Selective Display of Widget Areas
Replacement and Extra Widget Areas
Page with Posts: filters, display format, columns
Per Page HTML Insertion areas
Per Post Options
Excerpt/full, Featured Image, Show/Hide items
Masonry span columns
Per Post CSS style
Shortcodes – may require companion plugin
Show Posts – display posts using filters and opts
Show/Hide if Mobile or Logged In
HTML, div, span, iframe
Header Image, Site Title/Tagline
Video – YouTube, Vimeo with full options
Breadcrumbs, Page Navigation
Slider, Tab Group
Extra Menu
Link Buttons, Header Gadgets, Social
Slider Menu, Widget Area, Search Form,
Show Feed, Popup Link, Show/Hide, Shortcoder,
Comment Policy, PHP
Shortcode Companion Plugin supports any
Other Features
Automatic Update Notifications
Automatic Updates
Pro Version is Plugin
Pro Version is New Theme
Active Support Forum
Feature Comparison:
Aspen vs. Weaver II
Aspen Aspen

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