Weaver II Version 2.2

We’ve just released Weaver II Version 2.2 (and Weaver II Pro Version 2.2).

This new version requires a special, one-time manual update process. Please see Update Weaver II for instructions for this one-time update process.

The change summary:

== Changes Version 2.2 ==
* Fixed problem with archive.php translation strings
* Fixed problem with current page on archive-like pages (search, etc.)
* Added %the_permalink% to custom info lines (Pro)
* Fixed Masonry multi-column margins
* Eliminated displaying empty dynamic widget areas in most cases
* Added ‘updated’ google structured data
* Fixed filtering for CSS to allow \
* Removed reference to Aspen Theme
* Update: added support for continued automatic updates
* Tweak: class wrap for author info single page

Weaver Xtreme 1.2.1

Just posted Weaver Xtreme 1.2.1 with a critical bug fix for mobile menus. Download Weaver Xtreme Version 1.2.1 The current version on WordPress.org (1.1.3) does not have this issue, but 1.2.1 is necessary for the latest Weaver Xtreme Plus. Version … Continue reading →