Weaver Xtreme – Version 1.0.2

We are pleased to announce the release of Weaver Xtreme Version 1.0.2. This version has only a few bug fixes, but has added several great new features! This version is available for immediate download from WeaverTheme.com, or will be available in approximately 10 or 11 days from the WordPress.org which is running behind on approving theme updates.

Download Weaver Xtreme Version 1.0.2

Change Summary

= Version 1.0.2 =
* New: added 20 new sub-themes
* New: added filters to many visitor side strings to allow wording customization – advanced, see help file.
* New: Exclude Pages From SiteMap option on Advanced Options:Site Options tab. Added CSS IDs to SiteMap sections for custom styling.
* New: Site Title area Logo/HTML option (Plus)
* New: .is-ipad, .is-ipod .is-iphone .is-ios, .is-android, .is-windows, .is-macos device/os specific classes
* New: option to force full browser height for short pages
* New: extend Area BG color for Header, Container, Footer, and menus (free version!)
* New: set Mobile Menu trigger width for Primary/Secondary menu bars
* New: support for JetPack’s Infinite Scroll – supports blog page, including multiple columns
* Tweak: Changed default top/bottom margin on Footer and Wrapper Areas to 0
* Tweak: Changed Bold/Italic check-boxes to Inherit/On/Off selection (backward compatible)
* Tweak: Improved how IE8 degrades for full-width bg colors
* Tweak: Full width bg support
* Tweak: Changed FI location wording from Before Title to With Title
* Tweak: Rules for fixedtop, fixedbottom
* Tweak: Powered by link destination
* Tweak: Captions – styling, fixed top margin; captioned images same max width as non-captioned images
* Fix: small tablet left sidebar stacking layout when only one sidebar defined
* Fix: small tablet sidebar stacking layout when per-page hide sidebar used
* Fix: page/post editor font size
* Fix: post id and FI issue
* Fix: interactions with Weaver Show Posts – displaying title options, list and FI styling
* Fix: RTL for menus