Weaver Xtreme 0.91

Announcing the release of Weaver Xtreme Version 0.91

Download Weaver Xtreme 0.91

Some new features, a few bug fixes, more integration with Weaver Xtreme Plus.

= Changed Version 0.91 =
* More Weaver X-Plus interface changes
* Added index links to Main Options tabs
* Fixed problem with header mini-menu top margin
* Fixed problem with font-family display in WP Page/Post editor: the standard font families
now display properly, but Google Fonts from X-Plus can only be displayed as sans-serif.
* One more try at fixing the site title top margin issue
* Fixed issue with custom smart margin on mobile devices (it should not be used with mobile devices)
* Fixed clearing issue with multi-column widgets and uneven heights
* Removed blank space when hide arrows on desktop
* Added icons to most options