Weaver Xtreme Version 0.92

Good news! Weaver Xtreme is now near the top of the new theme review queue at WordPress.org. We hope that it will be approved without too many problems, but they’ve really tightened up the review process for new themes.

So, this is the version submitted to WordPress.org!

Download Weaver Xtreme 0.92


= Changed Version 0.92 =
* Tweaked viewport to initial-scale=1.0
* Fixed [ widget_area area_style=footer/header ] issue
* All Admin side text strings now wrapped in translation functions
* Fixed issue with late loading header image and branding resizing
* Appearance menu now reads ‘Theme Options’ instead of Weaver Xtreme (WP.org requirement)
* Loading mechanism for style files changed – should be strictly internal change (WP.org requirement)
* Removed shortcode filter for Text widget – (WP.org requirement) – will now be in Theme Support plugin