New versions of ATW Show Sliders and ATW Show Posts. It is getting pretty close to a releasable version. All options on the Slider Tab should now work as advertised.


  • No significant changes in ATW Show Posts.
  • Added [gallery] replacement option. Will now turn all [gallery] shortcodes into a slide show – automatically. This is a really nice feature that came pretty much free with the rest of the plugin.
  • Added more options (will be for the Pro version mostly). Most of them help with slider layout – can change widths of various elements, set maximum height.
  • Handling of mixed sized image slide shows much improved. By default, images won’t automatically fill up the whole slider. If you provide equal height images that are wide enough for the slider, they will be full width and height. But otherwise, you won’t end up with very tall slider shows set by the height of the tallest image. You can even specify a maximum height for the images.
  • Maximum height for post sliders – if you get a post that is long (and thus tall), you can set a maximum height and get a scroll bar in the post slide.

Still TO DO:

  • Support for Videos
  • Selection of Prev/Next images
  • Beef up the help file


Click for live Slider Demo


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