Aspen Themeworks, our new WordPress theme and plugin publishing site, is excited to announce the official release of two new plugins: ATW Show Posts, and ATW Show Sliders.

In keeping with the tradition of the Weaver II and Aspen themes, these plugins bring an unprecedented level of user control and options to their categories: showing arbitrary posts anywhere on your site, and showing image and post sliders.

ATW Show Posts at

ATW Show Posts now available from

ATW Show Posts allows you to insert a selected set of posts anywhere on your site where you can use a shortcode, including text widgets. A comprehensive interactive admin interface allows you to easily define a “filter” that specifies exactly which posts to include. The selection includes categories, tags, dates, custom post types, custom taxonomies, and more. The posts can be displayed using a built-in post display function (including the ability to add custom CSS), or using the native post display functions for many compatible themes.

ATW Show Sliders

ATW Show Sliders now available at

ATW Show Sliders is among the best responsive slider plugins available. You can create Image Slidehows and Carousels, as well as Post sliders. You have complete flexibility to define your slider. You can use the native WordPress gallery tool in the Media Library to easily create image slide shows. ATW Show Sliders also requires ATW Show Posts so you can create filters to specify more complicated image sliders and post sliders. No other slider plugin provides this control and flexibility.

The free version available from plugins provides a complete option set that will satisfy many users, including slider type (fading, sliding, carousel), slider paging, slider content (images or posts), and the filter used to define the content. There are more options to control various other basic slider layout options as well. See the live demo here.

The ATW Show Sliders Pro premium plugin adds dozens of new options that allow nearly total control of the slider layout, including slider and image sizing option, support for videos in sliders, and other navigation, order, and timing options.

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