Weaver Xtreme RC 3 (v 0.80) and Weaver X-Plus Alpha 0.6

The version of Weaver Xtreme should be the final Release Candidate! Everything is looking good, and no significant bugs are being found. This version has no functional changes – just some bug fixes and help wording improvements.

Work is progressing on the Weaver Xtreme Plus plugin as well. It looks like the [ extra_menu ] shortcode is now finished, and the extra menus look pretty good! If you want to use the Alpha version of X-Plus, you need to download the newest version and replace the old version.

The Weaver X Theme Support plugin also has some significant changes – most notably is the new shortcode [ show/hide_if ] which will conditionally show content based on several options, including device, page/post id, logged in status, or user role. This is now a general purpose show/hide shortcode. Video and other shortcode now are also working.

Downoad Weaver Xtreme RC 3

Download Weaver Xtreme Plus Plugin 0.6

Download Weaver X Theme Support Plugin