New Version of Weaver II and Weaver II Theme Extras

Weaver II and Weaver II Pro Version 2.1.12 has been released. Weaver II 2.1.12 free has been submitted to, but it will likely be several weeks before it is available from there, but it is available from the download page. Weaver II Pro 2.1.12 is available from the Pro site.

In addition, there is a new version of Weaver II Theme Extras available via the automatic plugin update feature.


The most significant change is the addition of FitVids support for videos. FitVids will magically resize your YouTube or Vimeo videos responsively. Support for [weaver_youtube] and [weaver_vimeo] is automatic. The new versions of Weaver II also extend FitVids support to almost any other method used to include YouTube or Vimeo videos in a page or post. You must enable FitVids support on the Main Options : Content Areas : Video option to get automatic support for video specified other than [weaver_youtube] or [weaver_vimeo].

Note: the demo video here uses a cinematic ratio (it is not 16:9), and is thus letterboxed.