Weaver X – Beta Version 0.18

A new release of Weaver X Beta – Version 0.18

Download: Weaver X – Beta 0.18

There were a couple of major changes that may affect any designs you’ve made.

Our moderator, “scrambler”, discovered a major flaw in the menu styling that required some significant changes to the styling, and it may change how some previously defined menus behave.

The sizes of headings and titles were all made slightly smaller.

And to make link styling more uniform, you now should be sure to set a color for both Page and Post titles. Previously, the post title mirrored the page title colors, but post titles are now independent.

Summary of Changes

* Moved Search Icon selector to Content tab
* Gave Search its own bg/text color options
* Changed Search pointer to text I
* Added full hide options for site title, site tagline, header search, and header mini-menu
* Fixed broken per page sidebar option (see next change)
* Removed sidebar class from body due to technical limitations caused by per page sidebar option
* style sheet tweaks, major code formatting cleanup
* Switched to using calculated em for base font size – settings still use px, but by using em on the
generated stylesheet, it means that Weaver X, unlike most other WP themes, will in fact honor
the default font size set by the end user in the browser options.
* Color feild now allows hsa values.
* Fixed Per Page Sidebar replacement – only worked for primary sidebar…
* Changed heading/title sizes – made smaller
* Added default font-size for titles
* Separated Page and Post title color attributes – must set BOTH now.
* Added new space after post title – page and post each have their own option now
* Major revision of menu styling rules. Simplified, but may require fixing previous option settings on menus.
This was required to get menus with transparency to not have the transparency stack, giving ugly results.
* Revised built-in subthemes to match latest set of options


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