Weaver Xtreme RC2 (V 0.70) and Weaver Xtreme Plus Plugin (V 0.5)

Announcing the release of Weaver Xtreme RC2 – the 2nd Release Candidate. This version removes any integrated support for Weaver Xtreme Plus (formerly called Xtra/Pro) Plugin. This means any Plus options will now be grayed out and unavailable.

But we are also releasing an Alpha version of Weaver Xtreme Plus. This version supports all the grayed out checkbox options, and adds more HTML insertion areas, background image selection, and Extra Menu support.

Download Weaver Xtreme RC2 (0.70)

Download Weaver Xtreme Plus Plugin (0.5)

Installation Instructions

Neither of these versions has automatic updating included. You must download the latest versions and replace any older versions with the newer once. The easiest method is:

  1. Download the latest version of Weaver Xtreme and Weaver Xtreme Plus.
  2. Update Weaver Xtreme
    1. Deactivate Weaver Xtreme from the Theme admin page. Do this by activating some other theme. IMPORTANT! DO NOT OPEN THE ANY THEME OPTIONS page at this time!
    2. From the Theme panel, now delete the old Weaver Xtreme theme.
    3. Open the Theme’s Add New page, then select Upload. Now upload and activate the new version of Weaver Xtreme. If you aren’t trying the Weaver Xtreme Plus Plugin, you are now ready to go.
  3. Update Weaver Xtreme Plus
    1. Follow a similar procedure to update Weaver Xtreme Plus. You can simply deactivate and delete the old Weaver Xtreme Plus from the Plugins admin pages. VERY IMPORTANT! Do not open the Weaver Xtreme admin pages at this point. This will save any extra effort t restore you previous Plus settings.
    2. From the Plugins admin panel, select Upload a plugin, and upload and activate the new Weaver Xtreme Plus plugin.

Note, that unlike Weaver II and Weaver II Pro, which were separate themes, Weaver Xtreme is a theme, while Weaver Xtreme Plus is a plugin that is handled like a standard WordPress plugin rather than a theme.