Weaver X – Beta 0.21

Announcing Weaver X Beta 0.21

Download Weaver X Beta 0.21

This release is intended to be the final Beta release. The next release should be a Release Candidate, with no more than 2 or 3 more releases before the final release.

Here are the changes:

* Removed text-rendering: optimizeLegibility from styles: breaks Android 4.2+
* Fixed Per-Post FI display option
* Fixed compact image post <img> HTML output
* Added Content Heading title options – color/font
* Change to allow desktop menu top/bottom padding
* Made Retina Ready
* Fixed displaying old comments if comments are closed, and added option to hide old comments.
* Add class .no-comments-made to #comment-title div if no comments present
* Tweaked wording on HTML Insertion areas
* More tweaks to search boxes
* Fixed some classes for attachment page
* Refixed left split sb resizing
* Tweaked multi-column widget aras – margins
* Minimized use of .clearfix, but still used .entry-content, .entry-summary.
* Tweaked menu bar styling
* Added CSS+ on post title text
* Moved clear:both inside post </article>
* Fixed clear:both styling on menu bars
* Tweaked top margin on Mini-Menu if title/tagline hidden

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