Weaver X – Beta 0.17

Weaver X Beta Version 0.17 has been released. This fixes a couple of issues created, including a couple of left-over debugging tests.

Download Weaver X – Version 0.17

After the bumps changing from rem to em, I’m hoping this version is a bit more stable. I completed a review of all the included options, and there currently is only one possible option addition under consideration – rounded corners for comments.

The other thing I’d like feedback on is the change in how fonts on Widget Areas work. One result of the change from rem to em is that the font sizes on the sidebars are now “relative” instead of the absolute value that was the major benefit of using rem. What this means: if you make the font size on the container smaller, for example, then the font size on the sidebars are also smaller. So you can end up with different font sizes on widget areas in the header, container, and footer. This actually can be considered a very nice feature (which I do), but others might really want all the widget areas to have exactly¬† the same font size.

Changes to 0.17:

* Fixed FI link on excerpts
* Added Per Page Post Link option
* Added Per Page FI location
* Fixed Custom Font Size setting
* Fixed some minor bugs
* Tweaked stylesheet
* Added transparent subthemes
* Removed some left-over debugging stuff – like the timing measurement